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Why Dental Connection?


There is no question that the world that we live in is constantly changing and moving forward. We in the dental industry are not immune to these forces and must adapt to make the most of our opportunity. 

New Dentist are leaving school with a significant debt load and must navigate the employment options. Corporate dentistry, group practice, single location, employment contracts, buy in agreements, and practice location are among the decisions they have to make before they even see their first patient.

Current Associates face similar challenges as the new graduate but contend with a different set of decisions. Is the current office or location going to provide the best opportunity for success, what do I do if I’m not seeing enough patients, how can I be sure that the employment and buy in agreements are fair and reasonable.

Current Practice owners who are looking for associates, partners, or buy out possibilities struggle to find the right fit in a competitive market. How to attract a great associate or partner and have a successful transition.

Why Dental Connection!!! We created Dental Connection because of these challenges and the realization that we all communicate differently. The Dental Connection team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds and experience specific for the dental industry in financial and accounting, dental supplies and systems, dental equipment and technology and marketing.  Networking, events, webinars, dental professionals, informational resources and links will be available for the everyone in the dental industry through Dental Connection.

Follow along as we connect all that is dental with Dental Connections.

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